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Hello there Fall!

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Ahhhh, the smell of crisp fresh air, the crackle of brown and red leaves, and the 
sweet taste of our favorite seasonal drink; pumpkin spice lattes. Autumn is here and winter is quickly approaching, and with two of the best seasons of the year upon us, what better way to celebrate than with a new wardrobe! The trends this season are incredible, with deeper hues, 70’s comebacks, fringe; the list goes on and on! 
With so many new arrivals, we are so excited to help you build up a fresh, trendy, fall wardrobe!

This fall is all about the details, the colors, the prints, and the styles, One of our 
favorite fall trends is the prevalence of one of the most timeless materials; suede. 
Seeming to always peep its way back into fashion, suede is a perfect material for fall. 
Not only is it soft and smooth, it will keep you warm and add a boho-chic touch to 
your closet! We have so many great suede styles, from tops, to dresses, to bell-
Another fabulous trend are the deep hues we are seeing on everything! The maroon,
golden, and navy colors give such a rich and cozy feel to any piece of clothing. We
are loving incorporating these colors with cool toned jewelry, or layering the pieces
with neutral toned cardigans and vests.

The last, and always timeless trend would have to be plaid. You really cannot go
wrong with a good plaid piece, and this season we are seeing it everywhere! Plaid
tops, tunics, scarfs, and vests! We love pairing a bold plaid piece with a simple pair
of leggings or jeans and your favorite booties! The best part about plaid is that it
comes in almost every color! If you tend towards a color that suits you better, or you
are trying to add more color to your wardrobe, then plaid is perfect for you!


As with any set of trends that comes with a new season, there are opportunities to
step outside your comfort zone and try something new! We are so excited about all
the new items we are seeing this fall, and we can’t wait to see you look fab in them 
Don’t forget to tag us on all your social media so we can see how you choose to rock the trends this season!



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